The EESy Method

Do the EESy 3-Step, and start the proceess of making your business or home more energy efficient.  It's EESy!

Step 1: EESy Assessment

The EESy Assessment process means that every area of your building is examined and that you get a comprehensive report detailing potential energy savings.  We streamline and simplify the process for every building, so that instead of spending time interviewing independent product vendors, you can focus on the solution.

Step 2: EESy Implementation

We don't stop at the EESy Assessment. We manage the entire process to ensure that what was recommend is installed by our extensive product partner network. Our work and products are fully warranted. Solutions include high return-on-investment products, including HVAC, lighting, solar window film, and insulation, among many others.

Step 3: EESy Financing

EES Financial can deliver options that let you conserve working capital; terms are flexible to ensure your savings pay for the improvements.  As always, check with your accountant or tax professional to see what tax benefits financing can bring to you or your business.

Want to check your home's Energy Efficiency Rating?  It's free to all EES Consulting customers!