What do I receive as a franchisee?

EES knows that just having people in a territory is not enough.  That is why we study each potential market to make sure it has the ‘right’ people. As an EES franchise partner, you will have the rights to a protected marketing territory; meaning that you will market your consulting business to affluent homeowners, independent business owners, property management companies, convenience stores, and many others.

Ongoing Training and Support

We know the importance of effective training and ongoing support. As a new franchise partner, you will begin your journey with training at our Corporate Offices in Houston, Texas. Here, we will begin the process of teaching you everything you need to know to successfully compete in today’s energy efficiency marketplace. You will learn operations, service procedures, scheduling, social media marketing, estimating, employee recruiting, and sales and marketing. Once you have completed this initial level of training, our Certified Field trainer will be with you for 5 days on-site for your Grand Opening.  It is vital to let your market know that you exist, so not only will we be helping you plan your initial marketing campaign and grand opening/launch, we will be helping you hire employees, bid jobs, complete data entry and perform the initial  EESy Assessment.  We are looking for successful and aggressive individuals to learn and grow as trusted EES consultants, not to become full-time product vendors.
EES Franchise Features:
  • Protected Marketing Territory
  • Proprietary use of EES Software
  • Use of the EES Name, Logo and Servicemarks/Branding
  • Complete and customized training
  • Grand Opening Assistance
  • Marketing and Advertising Programs
  • Continuing Field Support
  • National Product & Equipment
  • Affiliations
  • Purchase discounts on equipment and supplies
  • Publicity and PR assistance
  • Annual National and Regional Meetings
  • Monthly teleconferences

We will help evaluate your market based on demand, demographics, population, housing values and forecasted growth to help assure that each EES franchise partner maximizes their marketability, profitability and potential.

Putting It All Together, the EESy Way

Sophisticated marketing programs and a professional image are keys to business success.  EES has assembled a variety of marketing pieces that will allow you to promote the ESSy Model as aggressively as you choose.  To survive in today’s competitive market, it is important that you not only sound professional on the phone and in person, but look professional as well.  EES will train you to be an expert in the business and help you and your employees look the part.  Our training will ensure your first impression is a good one and one that the customer will remember.  Some of what we offer includes:

(can you photo shop in the EES logo on some of the pieces mentioned below….)
  • Business Cards, Stationery and Envelopes
  • Brochures, Flyers and Postcards
  • Door Hangers
  • Customized marketing collateral design and production
  • Yard Signs
  • Brand Apparel
  • Signage for Vehicles
  • Internet Pay-Per-Click Campaign Management
  • Proprietary Software for billing, scheduling and record keeping