Why choose an energy efficiency solutions franchise?

As a potential EES franchisee, you are well-positioned to grow your business, as federal, state and local legislation is being enacted almost daily to address energy conservation for both homes and businesses.

EESy Advantage One: Energy and how to save it has become much more than our nation's 'issue du jour.' It has been elevated to a global agenda that also includes water conservation and fuel production.  As an EES franchisee, you can become the face of energy savings to home and business owners in your area.

EESy Advantage Two.  There are many firms offering energy assessments but none that provide a competitive financial solution and pre-qualification for financing so that cash reserves are maintained instead of depleted. Only an EES Franchise owner can deliver on the promise to 'finance through energy savings'.

EESy Advantage Three:   We don't just offer our customer energy efficient products, our solutions and EESy Method focus on three key, high return-on-investment products so that customers start saving on their energy costs sooner rather than later.  HVAC services, solar window film and lighting are proven retrofit products that, when combined with other customized solutions, can deliver the greatest amount of savings to the customer.

Energy and How to Save It Is a Front Page Issue 

The market potential for energy services franchises, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, is exploding, and will continue to experience expansion.  These services are expected to be one of the top sources of new jobs in the U.S.  Historically, service-type businesses remain strong through all economic cycles, and many economists agree that most businesses in the energy efficiency sector will continue to grow, due to the fact that energy is a finite resource and credible tax advantages and benefits exist to help homeowners and businesses save it.