Why invest in an EES franchise?

Because EES Consulting will guide you every step of the way!

As an EES franchise partner, our experienced team of professionals will empower you to successfully set up your business and show you how to turn that first-time energy assessment appointment into a lifetime customer.

We know the importance of understanding the expectations of prospective franchisees.  The EES franchise program offers many advantages:

  1. A unique, consultative approach to selling vs. a product approach.
  2. Proven lead development program.
  3. A way to expand your existing leads and maximize your customer relationships.
  4. Low receivables: through EES Financial, you are able to collect your fees upfront.
  5. Limited product inventory.
  6. A home and business service franchise model that has yet to be fully realized by any national company.
  7. Unlike businesses that are solely dependent upon one service to survive, EES has creatively packaged the business opportunity to position the franchisee as an industry expert.