Why invest in a franchise?

Increase Your Chances for Success 

A franchise with a proven operating system is more likely to succeed than an independent business.  Franchises have many benefits over independent start-up businesses, such as:

  • higher success rates
  • proven branding and marketing strategies
  • training and technical assistance
  • established techniques and ideas, trademarks, patents and designs
  • networking with other franchise owners

Most consumers prefer franchised businesses because they offer name recognition, reliability and a higher quality of service over the typical independent operation.  For those that wish to be in business for themselves, but not by themselves, franchising offers a support system that will assist you as your EES franchise grows.

More about Franchise Operations

With a franchise, there are a number of variables that will put your business ‘ahead of the curve.’ As a franchise owner, you will receive team support, you will nott have to build the brand of your business from scratch and your market niche will be selected for you based upon demographic research that has already been done.  In other words, you are free to make your entrepreneurial dreams come true.